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Product Care

All of our wood products are finished with oils (never stain) and either sealed or waxed.  As such, care must be taken to maintain the appearance and strength of each piece. With that in might we provide some general guidelines to help keep your item looking good for years to come. 

Rings and Jewelry

The greatest factor to a wood ring’s lifespan is the care it receives on a daily basis. We typically advise owners of wood rings to avoid exposure to harsh chemicals, frequent washing and drying, submersion in water, or rough treatment.  All these things can compromise the appearance and durability of the ring.  The finish of the ring is the most important element that keeps it looking good.  If compromised, it can allow water into the wood itself which will damage it in the long term. We recommend removing your ring when washing your hands only to put it back on once your hand is dry. If at any time you feel it has lost some of its luster, a little rub of mineral oil and beeswax will restore it. We are happy to refinish our rings at any time only for the cost of shipping. 

Kitchen Items and Barware

Similarly, our bowls, bottle openers, wine stoppers, and other items should be treated with some level of care.  Again a thin layer of oil and beeswax will help restore them if needed.  Most importantly these items should never be placed in a dishwasher.  The high heat and constant water can damage the finish.

Cutting Board and Flights

Some of our boards and flights are bonded with glues or epoxies.  After each use a board should be cleaned with hot water, soap, and a sponge.  Avoid submerging them in water and place them upright, on edge to dry.  Never put a cutting board or flight board in the dishwasher. If at any time, your board appears dry or dull, apply a coat of food safe mineral oil or butcher block finish, following the manufacturer's instructions.  Avoid coating with vegetable or olive oil as they will eventually go rancid. 

Thanks so much for your purchase and for your help in supporting Appalachian craftsmen.  If at any point you have questions, please feel free to holler at us by filling out the form on our contact page.